What is the

Death Meditation?

This Death Meditation is an ancient practice utilizing the visualization of your final moments on earth.

This practice will deliver you from your final breath back into a second chance at this life with an enlightened perspective and new found hope.

What are the Benefits of the Death Meditation?

  • Enhance your appreciation of life
  • Make peace with your own mortality
  • Live without the fear of death
  • Improve your awareness of your own feelings of death and dying
  • Diminish anxiety about death, and the death of our loved ones
  • True alignment with your values
  • Solidify your life purpose
  • Deepen compassion for yourself and others
  • Better able to support loved ones in their dying process
  • Navigate and release feelings of grief


"More than just a meditation - a ceremony with your past, present and future self. It awakened my soul.

Afterwards, I felt raw. As if I was reborn. Similar to my first sweat lodge experience. A renewed sense of self. An awareness that all timelines are converging at once. That there is no time and all that matters is love.

Thank you Rachel for this beautiful ceremony. You are truly an Earth Angel and so grateful to have tuned into your magic. Thank you for sharing with the world."

- Cass

For a limited time only, the Death Meditation is free.